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Every design outcome is unique and responsive to client’s needs as concepts  are developed from  research findings and conclusions. Within conceptual phase of design process the broad outlines of function and form are articulated. This is the ‘idea’ part of the process that involves an understanding of people's needs and how to meet them.

Creative expression within a design process is a must for me in every project I explore experiental  and experimental processes within photography, typography illustration and filmmaking to achieve striking and thought provoking visuals that communicate and compliment the concepts.


Client is my main collaborator on the project, that's why friendliness and fun are as important as honest feedback and clear communication to achieve the best results that both of us can be proud of.



to see a selection of my work. By clicking on headings or pictures you can view  each project in greater detail. If you want to know more peek into ' in progress..' section in the main menu.

Research within emerging design trends, innovative executions and creative ways of presentation paired with the specific research of the subject matter is an integral part of my practice.




coworking space

Old School is a coworking space in the Limerick city that offers a friendly and flexible working environment for self-employed  professionals and entrepreneurs in a form of renting a desk on a monthly basis.  Build in c. 1870 as St. Mary's National  School this  historical building adheres to the nineteenth-century educational building typology within its aesthetic and functionality where spacious classrooms with high ceilings and large windows presents an exciting  altenative to traditional cubical office space. 


Nanotechnology products

n101 distributes and markets wide range of nanotechnology based products for the automotive and building industry . These products provide an effective protection against various impurities,  therefore extend the quality and durability of material.


Advanced technology & Textile inventive research events

Series of inventive workshops in the field  of fashion design and technology focused on creation of the smart wearable garment.  The main objective of the programme was to create an innovative educational framework through dynamic collaboration, research and active exchange of ideas and expertise between the established professionals from the industry and students  of the field focused on research of the topic through addressing the problems within experimentation.


Photography studio

Cormac Byrne is an award winning photographer based in Limerick city for over 24 years. During these years he has established his studio and build an enviable reputation nationwide  thanks to his  astounding work in wedding photography,  captivating fashion photography and charming portrait photography. 

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Software & hardware design and development company

Emutex delivers a high quality  innovative solutions in software engineering and integration services for manufacturers and customers worldwide. They are one of the  leaders in design and development of bespoke embedded systems and IoT solutions across the wide range of  IT networking, telecommunication, automotive and industrial applications


Natural Cleaning products

Greenlogiq originated from an aspiration to produce truly natural  yet highly effective daily used cleaning products free of chemicals, preservatives, colorants or stabilizers. Greenlogiq strives to deliver products and services with a minimal ecological footprint.


IRISH Whiskey 

MJ is an evolving modern whiskey brand that stands out in the sea of Irish Whiskeys and still stays true to its roots and praises the history, natural beauty and cultural traditions of Ireland.  Brand has derived from the rich family agricultural tradition of growing barley and centres around the fact that the best quality grain is a key to producing the top quality spirit. 

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irish themed souvenir

Magpies Fortune Coin is one of the unique and  original  Irish themed products designed by the talented Sean O'Shaughnessey. The coin tossing combines the art of fortune telling and the folklore of traditional beliefs and superstitions with a bit of fun.


PUB & Restaurant

The Locke is a traditional Irish pub and restaurant situated in the medieval part of the Limerick city. With a large outdoor seating alongside the river bank and traditional irish music and dance session every evening The Locke is a pub for all seasons enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

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Evelyn O'Connor Photography is a quirky boutique studio in a charming village of Foynes specializing in wedding, newborne  and family portraiture amongst other creative photography projects. 


Series of Screenings

Money, Space and Cinema is a series of film screenings  at the Gaff  (Limerick) conducted by the accomplished artist and lecturer Fiona Woods in collaboration with Rod Stoneman as part of Free*Space. Free space is Fiona Woods's  PhD research project which considers the impacts of profit logics on public space and the public sphere in Limerick city.  Money Space and Cinema is exploring the way that film visualises the complex effects of global and financial structures on our experience of the world. 

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Emerald Surfwear is a lifestyle brand representing all that is good and great about life on the north, south, east and west coast of Ireland. The design and style of clothing collections are intended to display Irish surfing and particularly Irishness for what it is - a unique blend of cold water, historical backdrops and epic days!


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